Sunday, July 22, 2012

Uneven Eyelids + Daiso Eyelid Tape Review

Hi guys! You might have noticed in my previous eye product reviews that I have uneven eyelids and, as it turns out, I'm not alone. This condition happens to all ethnicities but is really common among people with Asian eyelid types. 

If you look at the chart below, my left eye falls under category E which has multiple eyelid creases and my right eye falls under category D which has a partial crease.

Normally, I would use a few make-up tricks like applying a thicker eyeliner on my right eyelid than on my left, giving the illusion of evenness. But of course, when I look down, you will definitely notice the difference. So I was so excited when I found that Daiso had eyelid tapes in their beauty aisle!

I know that the use of eyelid tape/glue touches a raw nerve for some people since they deem it as something that promotes Westernization and something that "erases your race", so to speak. Don't even get me started on eyelid surgery. Asian Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is most common in East Asian women and is quite controversial due to the fact that, unlike breast augmentation or liposuction, this surgery targets an ethnic group.

But for me personally, I think eyelid tape/glue is a genius invention - not a means of looking more "Caucasian", but rather, something that could help me correct my facial symmetry.

So what is eyelid tape and how does it work? Basically it is a thin strip of adhesive tape which is placed just below your natural eyelid crease. When the tape pushes back into the eye socket, it sticks and keeps some of the skin back which creates a crease.

I got this one from Daiso made of matte plastic tape, similar to the ones we use around the office.

It contains 3 sheets (10 pairs each) of eyelid tape and the Y-shaped applicator.

This is my first time using eyelid tape and couldn't wait to see the results. I'm only using this on my right eye since my left one already has multiple creases.

I was a little bit frustrated with this tape though. First of all, it was a struggle just to peel the thin strips off the sheet. Then when applied, the tape keeps falling off after thoroughly cleaning my skin. And although it is matte, I found it hard to hide under my eyeliner and was still quite visible. So this one is a  big FAIL!

But I'm not giving up. I might have some luck with tapes made of paper or double sided adhesives. Has anyone got any tips on which brand works well?

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