Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beauty Finds: Diaso

Hello everyone! I hope you guys had a lovely weekend. I would just like to share with you some really affordable but useful beauty finds I bought recently at Daiso. When they opened a store in my neighborhood I was soooo excited - Daiso is my shopping heaven for Asian-y, pretty things all for AED 7.00 (unless indicated with a price tag).

Everytime I go there, I always plan to get a couple of items but end up leaving with more! But of course, the key to shopping at Daiso is to have a mental spending limit. I always make it a point to spend only up to AED100 max in one visit so if I end up not using some of the purchases, it's OK because I didn't pay that much for it anyway.

So here's the damage:

Eyebrow Stencils (AED 7.00) - a really great shaping tool for your brows especially if you do not have the patience or the eye to create the perfect brow shape. I love that it comes in 4 different shapes so it gives variation on the look that you want. All you need is this and some eyebrow powder or brown eyeshadow et voila! Perfectly groomed brows. Definitely a more affordable alternative to other expensive brow shaping kits out there. *cough* Beautiful Brows *cough*

False Eyelashes (AED 20.00) - Daiso definitely has a vast selection of false lashes in different volumes and lengths depending on your taste. I chose this crisscross lashes with volume on the sides for a more natural look.

False Eyelash Glue (AED 7.00) - I love the consistency of this glue and the fact that it is clear so it just disappears when applied. I used this with the false lashes on the whole day and it didn't budge at all. Removal is a very easy with some makeup remover and doesn't leave any residue.

Curl Setting Clips (AED 7.00) - These are a bit expensive for setting clips and I could probably buy this outside for cheaper but I just bought this out of necessity since regular pins are not doing the job. I needed the clips. They were there. End of story.

Eyelid Tape (AED 7.00) - What is this? This is probably the most popular beauty tool used by Asian women to fix uneven eyelids or to make their eyes seem rounder and larger. I got this because if you probably noticed on some of my previous posts, I have uneven eyelids. My right eye is a monolid and the left eye has multiple creases. I'll explain more about this on my next post.

For now, Ciao Bellas!


  1. Hi,

    could you pls advise which Daiso branch did you get them from ?


    1. Hi there! I got them from Daiso in Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai.


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