Sunday, November 28, 2010

NOTD: OPI Bling Dynasty

Wow! The weather's really been improving hasn't it? Hoards of people (me included) are flocking Dubai beaches this time of year to enjoy this beautiful weather. And what better way to complement your tan than a deep gold nail polish.  This is from the OPI Hongkong Collection Spring 2010. Bling Dynasty is a burnished old gold color with micro speckles of semi-holographic glitter.
The color in the bottle is a bit darker than when you apply it on your nails. Consistency is pretty thin and it takes at least 3 coats to build color and really hide your nail line.

This polish was applied 3 days before I took these pictures so as you can see there's a bit of tipwear going on. But overall, I really like this color because it really flatters my skin tone and it's very luxurious without being over the top crazy - just enough glitter.

Enjoy the nice weather lovelies!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A View of Things to Come

All of these OPI Polishes are gifts my sister got me from her recent overseas trip.

From left: Heart Throb, Aphrodite's Pink Nightie, Kennebunk-Port, Green-wich Village, Bling Dynasty & Lucerne-tainly Marvelous

I got these guys at a clearance sale in Manitoba when I went there last June. Really lucky because some of these are Canada Only issues and can't be bought anywhere else.  
From left: Lucky in Love, Persuasive Peach, Party at 3AM! and Love Me, Love the Earth

Steve brought me back these nail polishes from his recent trip to Sydney. I've never heard of this brand before and I can't find anything online about it either. But the colors look interesting.
From Left: Red Sparkle, In the Navy, Peachy Keen

Got these at The Nail Spa in Ibn Battuta after a pampering session. Love love love this color!!!

From Left: Matte About You, Chinchilly

Oh I can't wait to try and swatch them! Watch this space...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Roma for Beginners (Like Me)

It's good to find time to write on my blog again! Eid is the perfect time to relax enjoy a cup of forest fruits tea, click on the style channel and start typing away. I know, I know... I'm a bad blogger! But trust me, I had good reason to be away for a while.

I went on a trip to Roma with Steve - it was my very first trip to Europe and I fell in love with it instantly! Every morning we'd have breakfast at different coffee bars around Via Nazionale where we stayed. There, it's a way of life - you get your cafe at the bar, shoot it, then WALK (or hop on your scooter/Fiat 500) to work with a cornetto in hand.

And OMG Fashion was amazing! Soon as we got there I felt underdressed. People were wearing designer everything and they always looked brand new (or so it seemed).
The only thing I regret the most about this trip is that I never had the time to go out there and do some really crazy shopping. There was darn so much people on the streets, in the shops, everywhere! I mean, you could barely go to a famous place and not fall in line for at least an hour. And there are so many sites to see but then we always had to wait in line which practically ate up all the time we had there. You really have to set aside a whole trip just dedicated to looking around shops. It was fun, though. I learned a lot!


  • Take pictures. Lots and lots and lots of pictures. Bring a tripod if you're travelling alone. Get all the memories (and face angles) captured because you don't know when or if you will come back to this wonderful place. 

  • When it comes to food, go for restaurants off the tourist track because they tend to be overpriced and not really all that good, well, for Italian standards. Try a tavola calda like I Molisani in Piazza Fiume. A lot of locals eat there for lunch and they've got a pretty wide selection of antipasti, primo piatti and segundo piati.

  • Hydrate yourself. You will do a lot of walking so make sure you drink enough water to prevent you from fainting. There are a lot of water fountains around the city and you can actually DRINK from them! Cool CLEAN natural spring water trickle down from the mountains through the ancient aqueducts and out of these fountains so they're better than any bottled water you'd find anywhere else.

If you see this one don't bend over, twist your neck and drink directly from the spout. Cover the spout up with your finger and this will cause the water to stream out of the small hole on top of the pipe as if it were a regular drinking fountain!

  • It would be good if you knew someone who actually lives there or someone who speaks Italian. Did you know that they give different prices for locals and tourists for the same items? So make sure you do your research to avoid getting ripped off.

  • Look through the keyhole in Priorato di Malta's tall green doors in Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta. You'd be surprised what you see inside.

  • When going to the Vatican Museum, it's best to go extra early because a ridiculous amount of people cue up like there's a Mac item debut/Star Wars convention sans the Darth Vader helmets. If you're not really that much of an early riser, join tour groups. They have a separate (express) entrance and you don't have to waste your time falling in line.

  • Wear comfortable shoes - and I don't mean your most comfortable stilettos. The city is paved with cobblestones and very hilly so you don't want to be struggling to find your footing. I wore soft sole Minnetonkas and flip flops the whole time and my feet still hurt!

  • At the Trevi Fountain: NEVER accept at all costs flowers from anyone who hands them to you as they will pester you for money afterwards! IGNORE.
  • Get a cute statement shirt from Brandy and Melville.
  • Hop on the train to Tuscany and stay for a night in a town somewhere. It's very relaxing and a welcome break from walking all over the city. Go to the beach and eat seafood pasta.

  • TAKE IT ALL IN. Enjoy the scenery, enjoy the food, people watch. Let the Eternal City inspire you.

On a side note:

Steve took me out for a very special romatic dinner one night where he unveiled the Trevi Fountain to me. It was magnificent. All of a sudden he took a little box from his jacket pocket and popped the question!!! So here it is. I'M ENGAGED!!!

Lots of planning to do - where do I start?
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