Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Glasses + New Jo Malone Sweet Lime & Cedar

Hi everyone! Eid Mubarak!! It's the end of Ramadan here in Dubai... you know what that means -- back to partying, and not having to hide in the car or the toilet when you want to eat during the day!! ^_^

So yeah, a lot of good things happened this week like me getting my brand new UAE driver's license (whoopee!!) I also got a lot of new stuff from Rimmel and NYX which I will duly swatch soon.


I recently visited an optician coz I feel like I'm getting a bit short-sighted and she said I have to start wearing glasses now. =( I asked about the possibility of getting Lasik but unfortunately I'm not a candidate for one yet coz my eye grade's too low (-1.5 on the left and -1.00 on the right).  So I guess I just have to make do with glasses and contacts for now. Tragic. But not too much --

Coz I got this fab pair of glasses from Gucci

View from the left.

View from the right.

Being silly. XD

I so love the color called "Dark Havana" - it's got that turtle shell sort of color going on about it which is absolutely gorgeous.

I get mixed reactions.  What do you guys think, do you like the new me with glasses?

Also, good news for all you beauties living in or travelling to Dubai -- Joe Malone recently opened shops at the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates. I got this 30mL bottle of Sweet Lime & Cedar which is perfect for travelling or just to put in your purse for an instant spritz of summer freshness.

It was reported to be inspired by the diverse smells and flavors of Thai cuisine which I think is perfect for me coz I love Thai food, especially Thai Red Curry, yum! This is really my new favorite because it doesn't smell overpowering. Although I don't think that it smells anything like red curry but rather green and citrus-y at first and gets milder and sweeter with a hint of musk over time which I like. I would definitely recommend trying it out if you happen to pass by one of their stores. I also like their new scent Vanilla & Anise and Vintage Gardenia which I would both try later.

What about you? What is your favorite scent?

**All photos are Lessa originals except for the 1st photo which I got from Google to show the product's true color.

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