Sunday, July 19, 2009

My New Hair

Hi everyone! I'm back with a vengeance, oh well... not really. Just a new haircut. Since it's been mooonths since I've had my last one, I've decided to get my tresses a little snip. So I went to Franck Provost @ Mall of the Emirates to get it done.
Et viola!

and here's what it looks like at the back.

I asked Gina (resident hairdresser) to give me a lot of layers and a french cut for the fringe. Towards the end she added texturizer, blowdried and sprayed it to give it tons of volume and wave.
I absolutely love my new hair! Especially the wave towards the tips. I'll definitely come back there for a blowdry next time...
P.S. Sorry for the blurred pics.


  1. Thanks! it's grown a lot though, i absolutely need to get another trip to the hairdressers..

  2. nice hair cut but how to cut hair like this style ?????i went to cute my hairs like this hairs style.


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