Sunday, March 8, 2009

Elianto Nail Polish + Nail Art & MAC Hello Kitty Line

I chucked a sickee today.. I've been down with the flu since yesterday morning. One of my tonsils are swollen, and I have a slight fever. But my nose has stopped running, thank goodness. Eww. TMI. Maybe that's why I've been a bit of a scatterbrain at work this week.

Anyway, despite feeling like crap I still have the motivation to do my nails today. Nothing like the painting fresh polish on my nails to keep me from actually feeling under the weather (even though I am - well, you get what I mean...)

I first stumbled upon Korean brand Elianto in a small booth at Al Gurhair CentreWhen I moved to Dubai two years ago. Everything was unbelievably cheap - I'm embarrased to say but I like it. I walked away with white eyeliner and a new sharpener for my lip liner. I saw the nail polish but didn't really pay any attention to it; but during my recent visit to the Philippines, I found it again in my mom's nail polish kit. I fell in love with the colors, especially the glittery ones. My sisters highly recommended it and so I bought a whole bunch of them the next day (plus a 10 eyeshadow refill pallete, 4 shimmer shadows, & 1 frosted pigment). I also fell in love WITH THE PRICE - ONLY about $2 (Php99 at Landmark). So far, I've only tried two of them;
Elianto Nail Lacquer in Glitter Shine Red - Base coat, 1 coat of color & 2 coats of topcoat. I love how this color is opaque with just one coat. And it's so glossy like jelly.
Elianto Nail Lacquer in Candy Pink + Elianto 3D Nail Stickers - Base coat, 2coats of colour, nail stickers & 2 coats of topcoat. This color is kind of sheer so I had to put 2 coats of it.
A Closer Look - Uh-oh Mental note: glittery nail sticker + glittery nail polish + camera= blurry nail photo. But I still think it looks cute in person.
I sort of like the formula. It's the right consistency and most of the colors can go with just 1 coat. It doesn't chip and lasts all week long. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't dry that fast. It takes more that an hour for it to be bone dry - no streaks, no smell, no dents. And it PEELS really easily (if you try to do it) - I dunno if that's good or bad. What do you guys think? All in all, it's pretty good for a cheap brand. Of course, you can't really compare it with OPI or China Glaze. Would I buy it again? If they come up with another shade of pink or some other cool color, sure why not?
I absolutely love Pink. Nothing says Spring like pink does, no matter what new color comes out to claim the throne. For me, Pink will always be Queen. Speaking of pink. HELLO KITTY!!! This is kind of late, I know, but MAC came up with a Hello Kitty Line. It's already out in the US since February 15 but it won't be available in the shelves here in Dubai probably until late this March. I CAN'T WAIT! In the meantime, I'd just have to make do with this:
I got this fridge magnet from my parents when they went to Japan. Don't you guys love it? I haven't stuck a picture in it yet, I'm still thinking which one to put. I lurv it!! Do you?

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